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Will this month end? Rant alert

March 29th, 2008 at 08:54 am

This has been a really hard month. Unexpected expenses & lots of travel have destroyed this months budget. The good news is my dd16 is gainfully employed. Today she is going into town w/ her best friend so they can "shop"... My dh says to me, lets give her the Nordstroms card (we had a budget review yesterday)- and I know we'll pay it off on payday. I'm like- uh, excuse me, but didn't we have a talk about not using the card (my sacred card that is rarely used & paid off immediately!)? And I really don't think that she should get acquainted with using a card instead of cash. He wanted to give her some money & the card on the promise that she would pay us back w/ her first paycheck. Somehow, between her paying her car insurance, gas, cell phone, and pop addiction- I just don't think she will have any money left. So we compromised on the cash part. My card is still in the drawerSmile. HELP! Even though we do budget reviews and we have the YNAB spreadsheets, he still just doesn't get it. It's like there are always "unexpected" opportunities to spend money in his world.
Ok.... rant over... Heres to April and a new budget experience.

4 Responses to “Will this month end? Rant alert”

  1. luxlivingfrugalis Says:

    Ohhhh boyyyyyy, what was he thinkin'??? Glad you prevailed and kept at least the card in your drawer!

    Question I often used on Hubster when we were first turning things around and hopping on the budget express, "...and how are you planning to repay that to the budget?", said sweetly but sincerely of course.

    "Repaying the budget???"

    "Ahhh, yes, the budget that we worked on, you remember?
    We'd have to take $$ out of some category to give to him/her, do you want it to come off of your ABC money or the DVD money? or do you plan to sell something to add it back into the budget???"

    "Uuuhhhh, well, on second thought I think maybe she can just window-shop until she gets her paycheck!"

    "Good answer!!!"

    Helping each other stick to our resolve was very helpful. Just remember to be gracious when he turns the tables and plays it back to you! Big Grin

  2. homebody Says:

    Sounds like my DH with our three girls....luckily they are grown now but uh oh, here comes our first grandchild.... a girl!

  3. baselle Says:

    Oh yeah, no way should DD's first paycheck be rewarded by the use of a credit card. (Notice it was your credit card, not any of his.) That's EXACTLY how most of us got in trouble in the first place. Her first paycheck should be her reward; the anticipation of window shopping and what she will do with "her" money, and the disappointing revelation on how much is taken out of each paycheck. That's how you create a frugal teenager, if such a thing is possible. Big Grin

  4. Slowlygettingthere Says:

    Thank you.... I needed (and need) the encouragement. I love the idea of how to repay the budget. That is what I got confused on. I will try the paycheck approach with my dd.

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