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Damage control

August 5th, 2008 at 07:51 am

Trying to do damage control from my lack of concern for the past 4 months:
1. No debit card for me. I had/have the nasty habit of pulling it out when I "must have" whatever is on sale and I have no cash left. So I have given up the debit card. It is not in my wallet. I have gone back to the envelope method.
2. Envelopes mean that I have to really think about every purchase. Do I need 3 extra bottles of laundry soap? Even if I have a coupon?
3. The cost of gas has my husband carpooling. This is a true blessing. Our price for his weekly commute is now $10. Before it was $30.
4. My daughter quit her truly horrible job. This means less driving for her, but I also have someone that is willing to run errands.

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