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To coupon or not to coupon?

August 18th, 2008 at 07:36 am

Here is the question: I live in a small town (one small store, one gas station,no fast food), ~10-15 miles on either side of a bigger city. My friends that live in the bigger city swear by couponing. I have got a pile of coupons, but they are for things that I just don't buy, would prefer that we not eat, and a few gems in the middle. Yes, I have access to a Walgreens, Walmart, ALbertsons, $store, etc. I have read the blogs about great couponing deals, filling my cupboards with things that are free or close to, but I'm missing something here. What am I doing wrong? The cost of gas makes the couponing difficult- so I save $3 & spend $5 going into town?

6 Responses to “To coupon or not to coupon?”

  1. ceejay74 Says:

    My family doesn't go out of our way to collect and use coupons, but if we see a coupon relevant to our shopping habits, we do use it. The few cents we save here and there don't change much, but they probably do help us keep our grocery budget under control a little more easily.

    It probably isn't worth it for you to coupon either. Our reason is that we're a vegan, a vegetarian and a pescotarian, so most coupons don't apply to us. Your reason is that you don't live close enough to the stores to make it worth it, and that most of the coupons don't apply to your life either.

    In short, I think it helps some, but you may be one of the people who would not really benefit from it even if you really applied yourself to couponing.

  2. LuxLiving Says:

    I don't actively coupon. I only use those for stuff that I would normally buy. I'm more likely to use a restaraunt coupon than a grocery coupon.

  3. sounderella Says:

    I'm the same way as Lux. I just buy cheap and scroll the Sunday paper and online for coupons on things I buy....or if it's something new and it's free. For example, there was a coupon for 1 free loaf of Sara Lee bread. I don't normally buy it, but hey if it's free I'm all about it. We also use the resturaunt coupons

  4. Maismom Says:

    Couponing is only effective if you know what you're doing. I used to cut coupons here and there, but wasn't saving much until I really learned how to do it. But, it is a lot of work, means a lot of pre-scenario planning. I'd do it if my saving is greater than the cost of gas. If it requires too many trips, then, it's not worth it.

    For example, I went Walgreens for free Cheeze it and Kellogg Smart Start cereal. Here's what I did.

    4 boxes of cereal $10 ($2.5 x 4)
    5 boxes of Cheeze it $10 ($2 x 5)
    Less 2 $1/2 coupon for cereal. Paid $18.
    Received 2 $5 catalina coupon.
    Sent the receipt to $10 Kellogg rebate.

    So, I spent $18 and received $10 back from Walgreens and will get $10 back from Kellogg, making $2 profit. I turned around and used the catalina coupons to buy free after rebate items to roll them into my gift card. By the way, I used my gift card that was loaded from FAR items last month, so I didn't spend a dime from my wallet for this purchase. Couponing is wroth it when this type of deal comes around.

  5. Aleta Says:

    I use the coupons also for items other than food. I use coupons for toilet paper and when it's on sale. On food, I have alsoused BOGO free and if there's a coupon, you save even more.

  6. whitestripe Says:

    in australia we dont really have that much of an active coupon culture. i am sure there are lots of people that do it, but its just not as 'out there' as it is in america. so i hardly ever use coupons - i usually just buy things when they are on special that i normally buy and look at ways of reducing costs such as making more and more things from scratch etc. my next step is a price book, but i am saving that until we move.

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